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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Justice DeLayed

Who knew that the currently defrocked House Majority Leader Tom DeLay would seek vindication on a technicality? After loudly proclaiming his innocence and seeking to blame the indictments on a vast left-wing conspiracy (see NY Times article here), the Hammer has dispatched his crack legal team to get him out of this mess on a technicality. The motions recently filed seek to vindicate DeLay by arguing, essentially, that the underlying conduct he engaged in supposedly wasn't illegal when he did it. In one particularly rich paragraph, DeLay claims that he is being indicted for the money laundering of "funds", but the funds in question where in the form of checks and checks do not meet the definition of "funds" under the Texas penal code. I suspect they still spend the same, though.

Nonetheless, whatever the merits of the case, we do know at least that DeLay's filing makes short work of the the major tenants of his professed innocence--that he did nothing wrong and that he is being victimized by the left. Perhaps he can skate on the technicality. Many criminals do. But always keep in mind that a finding of "not guilty" doesn't necessarily make one innocent.


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